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Image Of Tool For Micro Welding Connecticut - Joining Technologies, Inc.Precision welding is more than a core competence; it is our passion. We simply love what we do. We thrive on the challenges brought to us by the wide variety of industries we serve.

Each member of our uniquely qualified staff is hand-picked, guiding the customer with the newest and most precise welding technologies available. With our proprietary in-house training program, our welding specialists provide the highest attention to detail and unsurpassed quality. Focused on non-contact processes that include laser welding, electron beam welding, and transferred arc welding, we will match your joining challenge with the appropriate process.

Our highly evolved infrastructure is ideally suited to support your project from prototype through full production.

Laser Welding

Joining Technologies performs ultra-high precision laser welding for demanding applications using the most modern laser equipment available today. Our experienced laser welding engineers have the knowledge and skills to create the most critical surgical instruments, sensor assemblies, and other precision devices. Employing the latest in motion control and high-speed beam scanning, we’re able to produce precision welds at incredible speeds that simply aren’t possible with conventional welding systems.

Image Of Laser Welding Service On Steel - Joining Technologies, Inc.

Inside Image Of Lab For Electron Beam Welding - Joining Technologies, Inc.Electron Beam Welding

A highly reliable and proven technology.

Joining Technologies was founded on electron beam welding. Our experience with EB welding stretches back several decades to a time when laser welding was still an unproven technology. Today we offer a full range of modern electron beam welding services. We undertake the most challenging micro-welding applications for high-value products that require unsurpassed integrity and quality control. Our equipment has the latest in microprocessor control (CNC) and systems monitoring for superior part manipulation and process control.

Electron beam welding is where it all began for us. Indeed EB welding continues to be a cornerstone of our business.

Transferred Arc Welding

A proven, low cost option for joining small parts.

Image Of Lab Welding Transferred Arc  - Joining Technologies, Inc.Transferred arc welding remains an important tool in solving modern joining challenges. The engineering staff at Joining Technologies stays current with the latest transferred arc technology and equipment available. Fast, reliable, safe and clean, transferred arc welding produces minimal fumes and has a relatively low cost per joint, due to its lack of consumables and minimal electricity requirements.

In a world where high energy beam sources are evolving at an accelerated pace, it’s often easy to overlook more simplistic and cost effective solutions, such as transferred arc, which includes gas tungsten arc and plasma arc welding. Joining Technologies has not forgotten these more traditional, yet still highly reliable, approaches to welding. These techniques are still well suited for many critical joining applications.