Supply Chain Management

Joining Technologies recognizes your need for complete product integrity and process repeatability.

We’re particularly proud of our diligent and comprehensive supply chain management and process engineering procedures.

Image Of Worker Looking Through Microscope For Process Engineering Welding Service - Joining Technologies, Inc.Our Quality Assurance and Process Development staff thoroughly investigates your product requirements to determine the best methods of product verification for your product. Our dimensional inspection system and supporting verification methods, including material composition verification, will guarantee your important requirements are met regardless of complexities.

Joining Technologies takes the supply chain management role very seriously. Building on our core value proposition, “Reliability delivered by the team,” Joining Technologies extends the concept of the team to include all vendors and suppliers involved in a given project. Great care is taken to properly select the best vendors and ensure that they match the customer’s need for quality, on-time delivery, and reliability.

Your product is clearly identified and tracked with unique documentation and control plans throughout all stages of processing and product verification. Our record retention policy exceeds most industry standards with a calibration system traceable to N.I.S.T. Detailed inspection criteria are outlined in all individual inspection process steps. In-process inspections measuring key characteristics are performed on 100% of all orders.