Joining Technologies provides high-quality, unparalleled laser services.


Precision welding is more than a core competence; it is our passion. We simply love what we do. We thrive on the challenges brought to us by the wide variety of industries we serve. Our capabilities include laser welding, electron beam welding (EB welding), and transferred arc welding.


Joining Technologies Additive uses laser cladding of metal powder alloys to enhance, repair or free-form material for applications in power generation, oil & gas exploration, industrial heavy equipment, petrochemical and aerospace. Our new facility enables us to find solutions for components weighing over seven tons and up to 40 feet in length.


Using the best laser technology available today for smooth, clean cuts that meet or exceed any device tolerance. Our cut is just .0015” wide resulting in sharp accurate features.

Supply Chain Management

We’re particularly proud of our diligent and comprehensive supply chain management and process engineering procedures.

Complete Systems

Joining Technologies is a laser systems integrator and reseller for TRUMPF USA—the world leader in lasers used for industrial production. Our team of engineers can help you design, develop and test your laser welding process, typically on equipment currently in our facility, before you begin integrating your own in-house laser system.