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Laser Additive Manufacturing, Award Logo Image - Joining Technologies, Inc.Joining Technologies earned a prestigious platinum award from the Connecticut Breakthrough Quality Awards for Infinite Web™, the first known automatic laser splicing system designed for high quality welding of steel and stainless steel strips end to end to generate long spools.

Welding Technology, Infinite Web Machine Photo - Joining Technologies, Inc.

Electron Beam Welding, Trumpf Logo Picture - Joining Technologies, Inc.Joining Technologies is a laser systems integrator and reseller for TRUMPF USA—the world leader in lasers used for industrial production. Our team of engineers can help you design, develop and test your laser welding process, typically on equipment currently in our facility, before you begin integrating your own in-house laser system. Our support services include selection and integration of laser, optics, motion control and tooling. We have designed and built several versatile multi-axis systems for applications designed for Nd:YAG laser and transferred arc welding.

Laser Welding, Complete Systems Image - Joining Technologies, Inc.Subcontract Integration

If you require subcontract services, we’ll perform the highest quality welding or cladding and deliver to your site. If you need a complete system, we’ll design and integrate a total solution—tested and proven on-site and delivered to your door. We offer full supply chain management and a team to help you through every step of the process.