Infinite Web®

Fast and Accurate Splicing

Designed to handle a large range of material sizes in both thickness and width, the Infinite Web® is an automated laser based cutting and welding system for splicing strip alloys. Equipped with a PC-based control system, it accurately joins materials based on preset parameters to meet weld and joint criteria, preventing excess downtime due to rethreading. Predefined programs for selected alloys and proprietary self-diagnostics ensure optimal uptime, and the entire operation can be managed through a user-friendly touchscreen interface.

Welding Technology, Infinite Web Logo Image - Joining Technologies, Inc.Using patent pending technology, the Infinite Web® verifies proper positioning to provide a perfect splice every time. With the ability to service multiple machine locations, the Infinite Web® System is a truly portable, stand-alone system requiring only an electrical input and minimal operator involvement. The Infinite Web® System is available in both a straight and biased option. The bias increases the splice’s effective strength by increasing material at the weld joint, which further enhances the life cycle of downstream equipment by staging the arrival of the welds.

Safety Features

Class 1 weld enclosure – compliance with 21CFR1040.10
Redundant mechanical and electrical interlocks
Laser glass/acrylic windows for safe viewing
Positive action E-Stop